Heroes For A NEW-GENeration!

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NEW-GEN and Visionborne are proud to announce that a revolutionary new motion comic technology, Visionbooks, is available now at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/visionbooks/id786290884.

NEW-GEN Issue #1 will be included for free on the Visionbooks app, with Issue’s 2 through 6 coming out in the weeks ahead. NEW-GEN: New Dawn will follow the release of the original 6 issues. See the NEW-GEN Universe brought to life by stunning visual effects, which brings storytelling to a new generation. To see a few preview pages from the app and to get more information on this incredible comic book viewing experience, click here!

Visionbooks is the new way to read and enjoy digital comics. Thanks to its unique combination of technology, animation, creativity and tradition, comics come to life like never before. For more information on Visionborne and their ground breaking technology, please visit visionbooks.co.


NEW-GEN got a chance to attend New York Comic Con 2013 and interact with many of our fans and comic fans in general. Check our Comic Con wrap-up video and our top 10 cosplay costumes from Comic Con.

NEW-GEN New York Comic Con 2013 Wrap-up


NEW-GEN Top 10 Cosplay from New York Comic Con 2013

NEW-GEN Expanding Artist Roster


A.P.N.G. Enterprises, creators of the comic book, NEW-GEN, are seeking new artists, including pencilers, inkers and colorists, to join their creative team for the upcoming miniseries, NEW-GEN: Awakening! Click here for more information about submitting your work to be considered for these positions.