Heroes For A NEW-GENeration!

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Visionsbooks has released the motion comic version of NEW-GEN: New Dawn Issue #4. Watch in stunning special effects as the world of NEW-GEN begins to be built, and become the utopian world we see in NEW-GEN Volume 1. Also see the bond that is created between Gabriel and Deadalus as they try to make the world of NEW-GEN into a fortunate and peaceful world.

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NEW-GEN: New Dawn Issue #3 has arrived. With it, the epic origin story continues as Gabriel learns lessons that will turn him into the leader of the world of NEW-GEN. The Visionbooks App brings the story to life in exciting effects, so to get your copy click here.


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The Visionbooks App has released NEW-GEN: New Dawn Issue #2! The epic origin story of Gabriel continues as he learns how to use his new powers, and how to become the man that will one day create NEW-GEN. Get your copy of the amazing motion comic here.