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Thursday November 11th, the gang from sat down with the creators of NEW-GEN to find out where NEW-GEN started, what is NEW-GEN doing now, and what does the future hold for NEW-GEN.

Click Here for Part One

Click Here for Part One and a Half

Click Here for Part Two

Click Here for Part Three

The fine folks of Comic Attack got their hands on Issue 01 and 02 of our comic and did a write up of it this week. Check it out by clicking this link.

Update: Reviews of the 3rd and 4th Issue have been added as well! Click Here!

Update Again: Reviews of the 5th and 6th issue have also now gone up! Click Here

This video is a behind the scenes interview with J.D. Matonti, Julia Coppola, and Chris Matonti, the creators of NEW-GEN. In this interview they discuss the comic books, the characters, and the future of the NEW-GEN concept.

Click the link below to watch.