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NEW-GEN: New Dawn is currently in development and we want to give you a behind the scene’s look at the creation of this prequel comic series. See this series from the character creation, to the page sketches, to finally the full color pages. Follow the link to see the series as it unfolds.

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NEW-GEN wants to introduce to you the New Generation of Artists that will be bringing you future stories from the NEW-GEN Universe. Joining Abdul Rashid and Edgar Arce are Jomar Bulda, Analiza Chris Agot, and Chris Royal. Follow the link below to see their talents and to learn more about them.

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Bringing this back to the main page for a little while. Dwayne McDuffie was an intelligent, extremely challenging creator with a passion for comics and storytelling. I had the pleasure of talking with him for the NEW-GEN Spotlight nearly two years ago about what he thought about comics, where the business was heading, his last run on the Justice League, and why comics in the US aren’t as popular as comics in other countries. In this interview, I did the best I could to keep up with Dwayne, but I can honestly say, outside of making me feel like I had to take any skills I thought I had to the next level, Dwayne taught me a lot in just two conversations and I can say the world is definitely a worse place without him in it.

RIP Dwayne

Talked to Dwayne McDuffie who proceeds to take us to school in this interview. We’ve got what he’s currently up to, what could have been on his last Justice League run in comics and why comics in the US aren’t as big as they could be.

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