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Whose got the worlds best fans? If you answered NEW-GEN you get a gold star! Check out our fan page, where we’ve featured fans who have sent us in pictures expressing NEW-GEN love.

The awesome Cassandra on the left and the equally cool Randall on the right. Thanks again guys for the great pictures!

See the production of both NEW-GEN: New Dawn and NEW-GEN: Awakening from the initial sketches all the way to the completion of each comic book. See the world of NEW-GEN like you have never seen it before.

Click here to see NEW-GEN: New Dawn

Click here to see NEW-GEN: Awakening

NEW-GEN: AWAKENING is a comic series focusing on Carmen’s journey as she matures from young girl to young adult in her own futuristic Utopian world, NEW-GEN. See the creation of this comic series unfolding by following the link below.

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