Heroes For A NEW-GENeration!

Are you ready for a  NEW-GENeration of “Super” Heroes? click here


See a view of the Utopian world of NEW-GEN from an upcoming issue of NEW-GEN: New Dawn.


The NEW-GEN movie is in development. To give a sneak peek at the creative process behind a film, we gave each website a small sample of the storyboard being drawn up for the film by NEW-GEN creator, J.D. Matonti.

Follow the links to Geek Propaganda and Comic Attack for a sneak peek!


Whose got the worlds best fans? If you answered NEW-GEN you get a gold star! Check out our fan page, where we’ve featured fans who have sent us in pictures expressing NEW-GEN love.

The awesome Cassandra on the left and the equally cool Randall on the right. Thanks again guys for the great pictures!