The citizens knew little about Gabriel when he arrived on NEW-GEN, a world in another dimension.

The Kane Gabriel possesses gives him great power and combined with his knowledge of alchemy, science, and nanotechnology helped him balance and lead NEW-GEN to a new era of prosperity and peace. Many see Gabriel as the father of NEW-GEN and he certainly agrees!

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Deadalus was born on NEW-GEN and became a scientist after being interested in the work Gabriel was doing. Gabriel took him under his wing as his apprentice and grew to eventually become one of Gabriel’s greatest protégés. Together the two made many advancements, particularly in the science of nanotechnology. After suffering great losses in his personal life, Deadalus began experiments to make the inhabitants of NEW-GEN perfect and invulnerable to disease.

Enraged when Gabriel sought to stop him, the two fought and Gabriel banished Deadalus to The Underworld, from where he plots his revenge.

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Born on NEW-GEN, Thea was caretaker for the natural world of NEW-GEN before Gabriel arrived. After Gabriel and Thea met they soon fell in love and were married. Their individual talents, paved the way to perfectly balance the natural world of NEW-GEN along with technological advances made by Gabriel.

They had twin sons, Sean and Chris, who tragically had to be sent to Earth, to protect them from infection, after Deadalus released his nanobots amongst the populace. This led to a rift in their relationship, with Thea leaving Gabriel to return to her former home. She, however returned to take over the tutelage of the children of NEW-GEN at A.P.N.G. Headquarters.


Sean and Chris are twin brothers, the children of Gabriel and Thea. They were sent to Earth as babies, under the care of robot parents, to keep them safe from Deadalus after he unleashed his nanites on NEW-GEN. The two boys, being very young, knew nothing of their origins, their real parents, or their true place of birth. On Earth, Sean and Chris experience the typical problems children have, while they each have distinct personalities. Whether the twins grow to have Nanotech Powers like the rest of the A.P.N.G. remains to be seen!



A sentient robot constructed by Gabriel under the watchful eye of Thea, Nature Guardian or Nate Guard, was built to monitor NEW-GEN’s electro magnetosphere and the precise balance of the nanobots and technology that work in concert. If there are problems with either, he fixes them or alerts the A.P.N.G. Nate is naturally curious due to having to keep track of everything in the NEW-GEN world. He constantly asks questions, though he may know the answers, much to the annoyance of other members of the A.P.N.G.



Minotaur was only a little older than the other children when he was infected by Deadalus’ nanobots and mutated into the shape of a bull-headed human. As such, he has a developed a personality much like the bull he is built like. Minotaur, called “Mini,” by those who know him, has a temper to match his massive strength and durability, but remains a stalwart and loyal companion to his friends. Acting as the role of drill sergeant for the A.P.N.G, he leads the team in battle and is often the first responder in many combat and dangerous situations.



Roboduck is a robot much like Nate Guard, except due to a strange interaction with the nanobots of NEW-GEN lacks the ability to store and take in information, but instead must learn like a human. This makes Roboduck the most unique and of all sentient robots on NEW-GEN as he is able to feel emotion, disobey orders, and generally act like the class clown of the A.P.N.G. While not the best fighter in combat, Roboduck does possess the ability to fly, much like his namesake. Roboduck’s unique fighting is sure to put an enemy off-guard with his atomic powered flaming burps that come in quite handy as a long-range weapon!


With a body composed of carbon-based diamond-like material, Diamond’s body appears to be one of the strongest materials discovered on NEW-GEN. Diamond is nearly invulnerable and he is devoted to martial arts training and seeks nothing short of perfection for himself, physically and mentally!



Flyer’s Nanotech Powers have given him the ability to fly with large brown, bat-like wings. He’s driven by a competitive spirit to prove he’s “just as good” if not better than all the others who have slightly stronger mutations. Flyer and Gazelle are good friends and love to compete. Flyer strives to make sure that if he can’t be the fastest thing on two feet, he will be the fastest in the air!


Gazelle is the speedster member of the A.P.N.G. and far faster than the animal her form mutated into. While many of the A.P.N.G.’s members may be better hand-to-hand combatants than she, her speed easily makes up for any disadvantage suffered from lack of skill.

Gazelle is very feminine and she has emotions of a young girl. She would like to fall in love with a certain member of the A.P.N.G.



Carmen is the youngest of the A.P.N.G. team and she works extra hard to prove herself due to the dark legacy she feels she must make up for. Being the daughter of Deadalus, only makes Carmen more committed to doing what is right for the people of NEW-GEN. Carmen was infected by the nanobots her father released and she has Nanotech Powers which make her a triple threat. She is First Lieutenant of the A.P.N.G. and she is far more than her father’s daughter!

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