Jomar Bulda and Analiza Chris Agot

Jomar Bulda fell in love with KOMIKS at a young age, collecting local titles such as Kick Fighter and idolizing talents like, Lui Antonio, Roy Allan Martinez and the rest of the artists who would soon be collectively known as EXODUS. He became ecstatic and even more inspired when these artists eventually made it to international comics industry. Jomar soon made it to the local komiks scene through Atlas Publications, a break that was cut short due to the apparent death of the industry. He is currently working on commissions from abroad, and is waiting for a big break. He is also very happy that he now gets to occasionally mingle with his idols.

Analiza Chris Agot became acquainted with comics because of Jomar Bulda. She admits that she had no talent in drawing and inking, but with Jomar’s patience and passion about comics she soon learned. Jomar gradually taught Chris some things about Digital Inking or Digital Darkening, a method that requires skills more than talent. It was just a simple portfolio for her and she didn’t expect anything from it, but projects like Talim, Pagasa, Dark River, and Savage County are just some testaments that even newcomers can have a hand in doing comics.

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