Imagine, if you will, tiny microscopic robots working on a molecular level to….take over the world? Fend off an alien invasion? Control weather patterns or even grant super strength to some unknowing individual? Sound like the plot of some science fiction story? You bet, but believe it or not those tiny robots are more than just a really cool video game concept their actually working to make the world a better place, and leading the way in the development of Nanotechnology.

Of course they’re also wicked cool and make for some interesting superhero origins. The creators of the popular web-comic NEW-GEN use Nanotechnology to power the advanced world of their heros and villains. However when it came to getting it right The folks at A.P.N.G. Enterprises brought in a true NanoPowered expert, Dr. Brad Edwards, a scientist on the cutting edge of the Nanotechnology revolution. was able to sit down with Dr. Edwards to talk science, technology, the future and even…Comic Books! Check out the interview below to get the real facts on Nanotechnology and how even a comic book can pave the way for whats to come:

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