NEW-GEN Universe, Panelfly and Jim Hanley’s Universe in Midtown Manhattan are teaming up to give you an awesome Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 1st.

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NEW-GEN™ and Panelfly Team Up to Distribute Mobile Comics via iPod and iPod Touch

NEW-GEN™ Celebrates Free Comic Book Day at Jim Hanley’s Universe May 1st

NEW-GEN™ is a “NanoPowered” sci-fi super hero saga launched as a comic book series with Marvel Comics. A.P.N.G. Enterprises is developing NEW-GEN™ as an original “Transmedia” franchise encompassing Comics and 3-D Motion Comics, Live Action Motion Pictures, Video Games and Online Games, Live Action TV Series, Character Licensing, Toys, and Merchandising.

With Free Comic Book Day just around the corner A.P.N.G. Enterprises is teaming-up with revolutionary mobile comics company Panelfly to bring NEW-GEN to a whole new audience. Adding to the already impressive library of mobile comic books from publishers such as Marvel and SLG the first six issues of NEW-GEN will be released on Panelfly beginning May 1st with the launch of issue #1 for the popular iPhone and iPod touch. iPhone and iPod Touch users can download the Panelfly mobile comic book reader application from the iTunes application store or at

Keeping in the tradition of Free Comic Book Day the first issue will be available free of charge for Panelfly users. “A.P.N.G. Enterprises is creatively exploring the different manifestations in which an IP can take and reach a new generation of comic book fans. We’re excited to be an integral part of the NEW-GEN™  experience. It’s going to be a killer addition to the Panelfly library!” said Wade Slitkin, CEO of Panelfly.

Free Comic Book Day is a national event held once a year on the first weekend of May. This year’s event will be taking place Saturday May 1, 2010. To celebrate this monumental occasion A.P.N.G. Enterprises will be on site at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City to give away special limited edition printed copies of the comic book as well as other great prizes.  Major comic publishers release exclusive comic books through specialty comic book retailers to not only promote comics but also to bring new readers into comic shops across the country.

Fans of all ages are invited to join A.P.N.G. Enterprises Saturday May 1st at Jim Hanley’s Universe at 4 West 33rd Street Manhattan, NY 10001 as they host creator signings, special giveaways and unique comic book trivia games throughout the day. For more information on Free Comic Book day visit

To coincide with the release of NEW-GEN™ on Panelfly A.P.N.G. Enterprises is authorizing the release of special Director’s cut versions of the first three issues of the limited series published by Marvel. These new versions of the original first three issues present the world of NEW-GEN™ in a darker and more edgy light. Issues four, five and six will also lead fans on a darker journey as Deadalus has evolved over time in The Underworld.

NEW-GEN™  Overview

NEW-GEN™ is an epic story about twin brothers seeking to find their identity in different worlds. It takes concepts from classic mythology and puts them into an entirely new context that is relevant to today’s political, social and ecological issues.

“Watching NEW-GEN™ evolve from a fascinating idea into a fully-realized, beautifully rendered comic book universe has been a real thrill for me. Fans of science-fiction/fantasy owe it to themselves to give NEW-GEN™ some serious attention!” said Mark Hamill.

About A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc.

A.P.N.G. Enterprises, Inc. is a creator, developer, and producer of intellectual properties specifically designed for multi-platform franchises. For more information about NEW-GEN™ visit


A battle over Nanotechnology rages between two superhuman scientists. Gabriel banishes his former friend, Deadalus, to The Underworld, sends his infant twin sons to Earth and takes in the young children and creatures affected by Nanotechnology.  The children and creatures grow up possessing unique “NanoPowers” in the Association for the Protection of New Generation (A.P.N.G.) and will oppose Deadalus as he evolves into the purely evil Sly attempting to transform worlds.

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