See the production of both NEW-GEN: New Dawn and NEW-GEN: Awakening from the initial sketches all the way to the completion of each comic book. See the world of NEW-GEN like you have never seen it before.

Click here to see NEW-GEN: New Dawn

Click here to see NEW-GEN: Awakening

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  1. I think an example of value is YOUR comic. Not only eniirtaentng, but incredibly thought provoking. Value, to me, is something that keeps giving in a good sense, improving on the situation or feeling, or rather, outcome, for the best (now.. the best, is what’s in the air what is best? you may ask.) That’s the final question then, isn’t it?I give thanks for your comic, which is the only one in which all stories make you think, and eventually, enhance ones views and thoughts.Happy Thanks Giving holiday!

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