The Shorty Awards are currently going on and right now we’re leading the Category “comics”. But we don’t want to be leading, we want to take the whole thing! That’s where you come in.

We need votes, votes that can only come from Twitter users. So if your not a Twitter user, become one! If you are, please follow the link and give us a vote! And follow us too!

For every person who follows us and takes the time to vote on the Shorty Awards site, we will grant you special access to a secret corner on our site where you can download issues #1-#6 of the NEW-GEN Comic and read the whole thing from the beginning! Also, for the 500th and 1000th followers we get via Twitter, we’ll also award them each a 25 Dollar Gift Card to Jim Hanley’s Universe.

So get to it NEW-GEN fans! We can only do it with your help.

Check out our Twitter page here.

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