edwards_teaser2Episode #01 of the NEW-GEN Spotlight podcast is formally up now! Click below to listen.

Listen to the first episode where we give you a brief introduction to what NEW-GEN is. Then jump into an interview with physicist Dr. Bradley Edwards and he helps us understand what nanotechnology really is, how it can be applied, and what it has to do with a little something called the space elevator in part one of our interview with him.

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For more information on the space elevator you can go here or here.

Link to music by Mike Navarra (ShadOxVirus) can be found here.

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  1. The only reason that Nasa supports this idea is because they know that it will never be built or used.
    They were offered in 1978 the science of the Flying Saucer, which I discovered and patented.
    The Propulsion Engineers in the Nasa Propulsion Lab at Cleveland were dead-set against it.
    Who would need them if we could fly to the Moon in an hour without barf-bags, heat-tiles or osteoporosis.
    They were paid good salaries and had no intention of killing the goose that laid Golden Eggs.
    Then came the space disasters.
    They decided to experiment with it , without informing me or ask for advice and caused the big black-out in North America in 2004.
    These big spheres under a Flying Saucer are the Monopole High Voltage Generators.
    My very first experiment in 1967, using a simple version, blew the power transformer on a pole, 150 feet away from my basement work-shop. It also zapped my HiFi and TV.
    Farther experiments attracted a lightning stroke out of the blue sky.
    So, since their own experiments, blowing up their big power transformer station on their grounds and causing the black-out (blaming a poor innocent tree), they are dead set against something that would make them obsolete, so they are hanging on to their salries for dear life.
    Of course I cannot blame them.
    The horse breeders hated the automoble.
    The Flying Saucer taps power right out of the aether. Yes, it can be used to power homes, anywhere in the world.

    Tesla used the system ( probably) for his Pierce Arrow Car in 1931.
    Just Google > One Terminal Capacitor Joseph Hiddink < and then go back admiring the space elevator.

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  2. Brad If you get this shoot me an email. I’d love to see what your up to these days

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