NEW-GEN’s Headed To The Emmys

International Emmy Brick V1.2 fix

We are excited to announce that on November 20, 2017 NEW-GEN will be the first ever graphic novel gifted by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to winners and presenters of the 45th International Emmy Awards!

NEW-GEN Universe, Panelfly and Jim Hanley’s Universe in Midtown Manhattan are teaming up to give you an awesome Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 1st.

Click the link below to see the full sized poster and press release.


A quick snippet from writer Nikki Finke from Deadline about one of our team members and the new Producers Guild of America decision.

Word to me is one of the authors and driving forces behind the PGA’s New Media Council Transmedia Producer credit was Jeff Gomez, President and CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment and a member of the PGA East. He’s been a pioneer of Transmedia Storytelling and implemented these type of campaigns for projects including James Cameron’s Avatar, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Prince of Persia and Tron, as well as Transformers for Hasbro and Microsoft’s Halo.

Click this link or the picture of above to read the full article.

NEW-GEN writer Alison Wilgus was interviewed by about her work with NEW-GEN and her current work on the upcoming Last Airbender manga and prequel. Read it here.